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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hello Music lovers,

I often wonder how musicians come up with their ideas - where do they hear the melodies for such iconic songs? How can their fingers make the right movements to make something as compelling as a guitar riff? Well, Dave Grohl has an interesting approach.

Though its not too uncommon, Grohl started out first as a drummer. He would bang on textbooks with wooden spoons and drumsticks as a kid, and eventually joined Nirvana as they took over the world. Then he wanted to do his own solo stuff and wrote music for every instrument including guitar.

Here he explains how his drumming technique actually influenced his strumming patterns for his music, including my personal favorite, Everlong.

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Featured Video:
Dave Grohl on Playing Guitar
First known by the world as Nirvana's drummer, Grohl progressed as a frontman writing guitar for the Foo Fighters. He talks with Sam Jones about guitar work.

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