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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

This is why I started publishing Bizarre News in the first place.

A pro wrestler used his head to hammer almost 40 nails and claim a world record on an Italian gameshow.

American strongman John Ferraro, also known as "Hammer Head," set the Guinness World Record for "Most nails hammered with the head in 2 minutes" by hammering a total of 38 nails during an appearance on Italy's Lo Show Dei Record.

Ferraro, who also owns the one-minute record and the record for "Most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes (male)," has a skull that is three times thicker than the average human's.

"Preparation, training and dedication to the goal in front of me enables me to have full confidence in my abilities. When it's time to perform a stunt, its balls to wall. It's time to get in the rage zone," he said.

He also appeared on America's Got Talent in 2016 and performs as a professional wrestler under the name "Gino Martino."

P.S. the "male" in parentheses after "Most concrete blocks broken on the head with a bowling ball in three minutes" seems to suggest that there is a women's category for this event. How would you like to go on a date with THAT record holder?


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A Pennsylvania woman died after her arm got caught in the door of a clothing drop-off box while she was apparently removing bags from the container, and she was left dangling with her feet off the ground. The woman was standing on a stepstool when it collapsed, breaking her arms and wrists and trapping her in the donation box. "She was fishing bags out and the ladder she was standing on gave way, and she couldn't get her hand loose," said Mount Carmel Police Chief. She died from blunt force trauma and hypothermia, according to the county coroner. Bags with clothes and shoes that had been pulled from the bin were on the ground. The woman's black Hummer was nearby with the engine still running, reported police. "It wasn't something that I would expect to be seeing," the Police Chief said when asked about items being removed from the donation bin.


DUI Suspect Fought Cops While Wearing Lingerie

Police have charged a man with drunken driving and fighting with the officers who allegedly found him semi-conscious behind the wheel of a car while wearing pink lingerie. Investigators say 51-year-Daniel Marchese was also exposing himself when University of Pittsburgh campus police arrived to find him in the running car. They say he was going in and out of consciousness in the car, which was sitting in the middle of the busy Center Avenue intersection in Oakland Monday afternoon. Police say Marchese was also wearing pink lingerie under his sweatpants, which were partially off. Police say they found an open bottle of whiskey and two guns in the car, and that Marchese kicked, yelled expletives at officers and threatened them saying, "Just wait ’til I get my AK.'" As for the car Marchese was driving, officials say it had been stolen earlier in the day. Marchese is facing a dozen charges including aggravated assault, indecent assault, open lewdness, DUI and carrying a firearm without a license.

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LEWIS; Commuting sentences of drug offenders was wrong. Contrary to that "just a joint" urban legend most felons doing hard time for drug related crimes were involved in manufacture and dealing of such hard drugs as heroin, meth, ecstacy and others and they sold to children as well as adults. These creepazpoids are as evil as murderers and sex offenders and deserved no break in their sentencing.

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