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Looking Good - February 13, 2017

*-- The Correct Way to Cover Dark Circles --*

Dark circles aren't fun and often make us appear older than we really are. They are a common complaint among most women today. They can be caused by hormones, allergies, lack of sleep or hereditariness.

Your Options

If you want to prevent future dark circles, you can try one of the many under eye creams available on the market. Results are not immediate, but you can expect to see some results in as little as two weeks.

If you want immediate results, you'll have to rely on makeup to help do the job. The most important thing you should remember is to not pile it on. Too much is never a good thing and can actually make those circles stand out rather than hide them.

The Right Concealer

The next thing you will want to do is figure out which base of concealer is right for you.

If your circles are in the shade range of blue, purple or gray then you'll want to invest in a yellow concealer.

If your circles tend to be in the shade range of red, look for an olive-based concealer.

If your circles tend to be brown in color, try a blue-based concealer.

Applying your Concealer

Once you have established which concealer base will work for your dark circles, you are ready to apply your concealer. You can apply your concealer in two ways. The first way is by applying your concealer over your foundation. This will allow you to see where coverage is actually needed.

To apply your concealer over your foundation, start with a small amount to prevent caking. Use a fine brush to apply the concealer since it won't leave you with a heavy look. Be sure to use a concealer that matches closest to your skin tone and avoid shades that are too light for your skin.

Next, tilt your head forward instead of up into the mirror, dab the concealer on with your brush and gently pat it under the eye are and into the corners as well. If you're still seeing dark areas around the inner corners, use a white pencil to cover it.

Finally, set the concealer with a translucent powder, using a very light touch. Lightly setting the powder will prevent any lines or creases from standing out.

The second way is to apply concealer is under your foundation. This is a better option if your foundation is sheer and you don't want a lot of foundation coverage under your eye.

First, apply the concealer under the eye and in the corners using a shade that is closest to your skin tone. If you find that there is still some darkness in the corners of your inner eye, use a white pencil to cover the area.

Next, apply foundation to your face where it is needed and over the concealer, blending them both.

Finally, lightly set with a translucent powder.

That's all there is to it! Now that you know the correct way, don't forget to pass the knowledge along to a friend and brighten their dark-eyed day!


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