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I just read an entertainment headline that stated, "Jamie Dornan of 'Fifty Shades' shaves his head." How is that news? Why would anyone be interested in that information?

I think we need to be a little more selective when it comes to stories that we consider newsworthy.

Stop the presses! This just in: Dennis Quaid trims nose-hair, Betty White makes chili, and Gene Hackman wears a hat!

Let's just calm down. Okay?

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Public memorial planned for Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher on March 25
Todd Fisher says a public memorial is planned for March 25 in Los Angeles for his mother Debbie Reynolds and sister Carrie Fisher.

The event is to take place at the Freedom Theater at Forrest Lawn Cemetery Hollywood Hills. The beloved actresses were interred at the cemetery earlier this month.

"We will be celebrating their lives with friends, family members, and the people who loved them, you. The service will begin at 1 p.m. and immediately afterwards, those who want to walk to their final resting place are welcome to do so," Todd Fisher wrote on his website.

Carrie Fisher died at the age of 60 on Dec. 27 -- just days after suffering a mid-flight heart attack. Her 84-year-old mother had a stroke while planning her funeral. She died on Dec. 28.

Memorial for Debbie & Carrie set for 3/25 @1pm Forrest Lawn Hollywood Hills, Hall of Liberty Theater, Info Todd Fisher (@tafish) January 28, 2017

"[When] he's able to comprehend the love that he has around him, I think he's going to be a very spoiled young man."
--Val Chmerkovskiy, opening up about nephew Shai, to Good Morning America

??? Guess Who ???

Which actress said she wants to end her time on Game of Thrones with a "nice arc"?

Antonio Banderas home from hospital after experiencing chest pains
Actor Antonio Banderas has been released from the British hospital where he was treated after experiencing severe chest pains.

Banderas posted an outdoor photo of himself smiling with his girlfriend Nicole Kempel on Monday after the news broke of his recent health crisis.

"Disfrutando de la naturaleza tras un pequeño susto. Enjoying nature after a startle. Besos," he tweeted.

The 56-year-old film star was working out at his home in Surrey on Thursday when he fell ill and an ambulance was called to transport him to St. Peter's Hospital in Chertsey, Us Weekly reported. It is unclear whether Banderas actually suffered a heart attack or the incident was just as scare.

The Mask of Zorro and The 33 actor, who also lends his voice to the cat character Puss in Boots in the Shrek animated franchise, was treated and released.

??? Guess Who ???

Which actress said she wants to end her time on Game of Thrones with a "nice arc"?

The 19-year-old British actress discussed her final episodes as Arya Stark on the HBO series in an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

"I'm just trying to do the last few scenes that I have justice," she said. "I'm just trying to shape Arya the way that I have been so far, and give her a nice arc to end with, and hope the people are happy with it."

Williams has played Arya throughout Game of Thrones' six-season run. The show will return for an abbreviated seventh season in the summer and come to a final close after Season 8 airs in 2018.

"It has been my security blanket and it's been a bit of a safety net. If I haven't worked and I haven't landed a role, I never beat myself up too much because I've always got Game of Thrones. To not have that around is going to be really strange," the actress admitted.

"It's also exciting," she qualified. "It means I can now shape my career and I'm not tied into anything and I can really make bold decisions, I hope."

Game of Thrones, which is based on the A Song of Ice and Fire book series by George R.R. Martin, has proven a smash success since its premiere in 2011. Williams recently confessed in an interview with Radio Times that the constant speculation and spoilers surrounding the show get "annoying."

"It really, really upsets me," she said. "Because, there's only a certain group of people who'd look at that anyway, compared to the audience that watches the show."

"It hurts. It's just like, 'Oh, we wanted to tell this story,' and yeah, lots of people don't want to read it, and don't want to look at it," the star added. "It's such a childish, annoying thing to do. And yeah, it's sad. It really annoys me."

Game of Thrones was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series at the SAG Awards, but lost to Stranger Things. Peter Dinklage, who plays Tyrion Lannister, was up for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series, but lost to John Lithgow of The Crown.

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