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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

There is dribbling your partner in chocolate syrup in the privacy of your own bedroom, and then there is this.

A new nude restaurant has opened in Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands in Spain, this week. The eatery is called 'Innato' and encourages diners to take their clothes off while enjoying the gourmet menu.

At the door guests are led to a changing room to strip down to a bathrobe. Diners will then walk to their tables completely naked while soaking up the "orgasmic atmosphere". Bamboo partitions segregate tables so customers can be naked without the fear of being seen by strangers.

But it is not just the guests who are in the buff. The menu includes libido-boosting specials like the "aphrodisiac menu" which is served on naked male and female models who pose as human tables.

Just be careful not to grab the clam with the beard on it.

A popular menu item is the "Happy Ending" a dessert of drizzled melted chocolate and strawberries served on a naked model.

The appetizer tray served on a naked midget has been removed from the menu.


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*---- Woman Flew Through Tornado in Bathtub ----*

An incredibly lucky woman rode out a killer Texas tornado in a bathtub. The National Weather Service forecast office described an 800-yard-wide tornado packing winds of 130 mph that tore off the roof of a storage building and tossed a party barge 200 yards into a grove of trees. But one woman who took shelter in a bathtub got the ride of her life when the tornado lifted the tub out of the home and deposited it in the woods with the woman still in the tub. Except for some cuts and bruises the woman was not injured. In the absence of an underground storm shelter, meteorologists frequently tell people to shelter in a bathtub during a tornado because it is heavy and typically well-secured. And in this case they weren't wrong. Unfortunately, her house was totaled.


Chinese Man Bicycles 300 Miles in Wrong Direction

A Chinese man accidentally biked several hundred miles in the wrong direction while making his way home after New Year celebration. The migrant worker had left in December on the 1,056 mile bicycle trip from Rizhao, in Shandong up north to Qiqihar, Heilongjiang province, but was stopped by police in the central Chinese province of Anhui after traveling 310 miles in the wrong direction, according to the BBC. Officers stopped him for driving on a highway which cannot be used by cyclists and informed him he had been accidentally traveling south. The man told police he could not read maps or road signs and was forced to rely on asking people for directions, which left him traveling the wrong way for nearly half the trip. Once they learned of his mistake police and toll workers paid for the man's ticket home.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Knowing the cruelty of teenagers, that poor daughter must be looking hard at finding a new school under a new name in a far off land. On the other hand the neighborhood boys probably took up a collection to bail her mom out.

hi Lewis yes i saw that story in the newspaper and they had a photo of her and believe me she is not a MILF she is on the ugly side and thats why she had to get them drunk to have sex. -richard

Lewis, The guy that got stabbed 9 times because he said that "it is too early to decide" to commit to a serious relationship should know by now that it is no longer "too early to decide". Keep up the good work, Jerry

Hi Lewis, Whenever there is a story of pre-teen and teen boys getting raped there is always a flood of creepy men that swoop down on it, I can picture them with 1 hand in their pocket jingling their change (3 pennies, a nickel a quarter and 2 dimes) commiserating on why weren’t they raped when they were that age, MY BEST guess would be they were much too ugly, fat, too zitty or stunk! Happens every time!
[Yeah, I guess all of us can't be that lucky.]

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