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THE DAILY GROANER - January 18, 2017

Good Morning Groanies,

I didn't sleep very well last night. It's weird when you don't sleep well. You begin to notice things that you normally just ignore or overlook.

You notice the temperature, moisture in the air, light, textures, sounds... you know, things of that sort. Last night, I noticed something very interesting.

While tossing and turning I noticed something that I hadn't before, my pillow is starting to smell like a stack of flapjacks. So I guess I better go to the store and get a new pillow before I try to eat my old one the next time I take a snooze. And I think I'll stop for pancakes on the way.

Groaningly yours,

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*-- Q and A Quickies --*

Q: Why did they have a funeral for the frog?

A: Because he croaked.

Q: Why did the ox lose his job on the farm?

A: Because he couldn't take a yoke.

*-- You're Getting Fat! --*

When I was six months pregnant with my third child, my three year old came into the room when I was just getting ready to get into the shower. She said, "Mommy, you are getting fat!"

I replied, "Yes, honey, remember Mommy has a baby growing in her tummy."

"I know," she replied, "but what is growing in your butt?"

*-- More Q and A Quickies --*

Q: What's the difference between a 1,000 pound skunk and an iceberg?

A: One is a Gigantic Stinker the other is a Titanic Sinker!

(Joke courtesy of EdRadio)

Q: What's the difference between pink and purple?

A: The grip!

(Joke courtesy of DRUMNCHIEF)


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