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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

There is a little bit of poetic justice to this story. Apparently it is illegal to use harpoons for fishing in certain areas of Brazil from November through January. Which is why it was a bit suspicious for a local fisherman to seek emergency medical treatment for a harpoon in the face.

27-year-old Hugo Pereira da Silva was out fishing with a friend at the Rio Paranaiba dam in Araguari when the 3 foot spear pierced his face. The spear was just inches away from causing more serious injuries, even death.

Araguari fire department Deputy Lt. Lucenildo Batista Alves said: "Unfortunately, they were not careful with the positioning, the distance. And the waters of the river in our region are murky, especially in the very dirty rainy season."

The harpoon-headed fisherman was treated, and he has been released from the hospital.


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*-- Naked Woman Crashes Stolen Sheriff's Car --*

The naked news continues. Last week we had the naked hooter shooter in San Diego, and this week we have an unusual high-speed pursuit in Arizona involving a Maricopa County Sheriff's vehicle stolen by a naked woman. The woman allegedly took officers and deputies on a 75-mile chase, with speeds reaching 100 miles an hour at times. It all began in Gila Bend, when the woman walked up to a gas station there. The station's manager said the woman appeared to be in her late-20s or early-30s, and appeared calm. Some people outside the station called Sheriff's deputies, and one arrived within two minutes. Officials with the MCSO said the deputy tried to help the woman. "It was at that time that she entered the deputy's vehicle, and actually started driving off," said a department spokesperson. Spike strips helped bring the bizarre pursuit to a dramatic end, near the town of Eloy.


*-- Naked Man Accused of Robbing Pizza Store --*

What do you know? Another story about a crazy naked person. Authorities have arrested a man who they say burglarized a pizza shop in the nude earlier this month. Baltimore County police said in a statement that 23-year-old Jonathan K. Newman has been charged with second-degree burglary following the break-in into Slice Pizza. Police say Newman's pants ripped off as he entered the store from a roof vent. Video footage shows the suspect then took off his shirt to cover his face. The store owner told local news that there was no money in the cash register, but the suspect still caused thousands of dollars in damage to the store.

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Lewis, about that woman with a robot boyfriend...sounds like the premise for a Japanese anime. -Chris
[Oh, if you've ever seen tentacle porn you'd know Japanese anime is way past robot boyfriends.]

Maybe that woman who got burned on New Years Eve ordered a Flaming Moe.

Hey! If you can't handle the heat, don't order a flaming shot. At least she got a good story to go along with her burns.

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