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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hello Animal Lovers,

Baby pandas are the cutest! They are also quite mischievous and love a good game…especially when its one like hide and go seek. At this panda sanctuary, a nanny plays a lackadaisical game of hide n seek to keep the little ones entertained.

Oh and if youre wondering what the little red mark on one of the pandas butt is for, its most likely an identifying feature. Youll notice another one has a blue mark, another a grayish one. They do sorta look alike! Its an adorable scene.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Holiday season :)

Pleasant Watching,

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Baby Pandas Play Hide and Seek
To keep pandas entertained, their nanny plays a quick game of hide and seek!

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They may be feral cats, but they look adorable to me! Hope they get a nice warm home someday.

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