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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hello Music lovers,

I like video games as much as the next 20-something guy. One of my favorites was for Xbox, called Halo. This first person shooter featured a stellar sci-fi story with plenty of great gameplay features and multiplayer action. Besides the game itself, the music really set this apart from generic games.

Full orchestras and beautifully composed classical songs accompanied your journey as you blasted apart aliens. I actually owned the soundtrack to one of the games, and listen to it here and there. The opening theme song stands above and beyond the other tracks though, a soaring and interesting composition.

This is a recent cover that violinist Lindsey Stirling did with pianist William Joseph. These two effortlessly pull of a heart-pumping ballad that can be appreciated by anyone not familiar with the video game!

Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Lindsey Stirling and William Joseph - Halo Theme
Originally composed and produced by Martin ODonnell and Michael Salvatori for Bungie, heres a violin/piano cover for the well-known theme song of the Halo video game franchise.

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Last Weeks Video:
Whitney - No Woman
A beautifully shot video to a sweet debut song by Chicago-based band, Whitney.

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