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Looking Good - December 12, 2016

*-- Cream Eyeshadow Secrets --*

Cream eyeshadow transforms your eyes in just seconds. It can be used to give you that wide awake appearance that makes you look amazing. When it's drama you seek just a swipe of the right color imparts a sensational sparkle or smokey makeup look. There's one color you simply must have in your kit.

Transforming Eyes With Color

Everyone wants the best cream eyeshadow available. This is product where there are some real winners and it's cheap makeup at it's best. That's because it only takes a little cream eyeshadow to get the look you want and it makes the product last longer. The best part is that you can use this eye makeup to really give your eyes that wide awake look. If it's an enhanced natural makeup look you want there's a color that needs to be on your list.

Secret Instant Eyelift Color

Go ahead and wake up your eyes. When you want to look totally refreshed and healthy there's an eyeshadow that just might do the trick. You've probably heard of it before. It's Stila Kitten. Stila, the company, makes what they term smudge pots of color that can be used as either eyeshadow or eyeliner. Kitten is often referred to as a champagne color and what that means is that it's a little pinkish and a little golden. It's one of those better than natural colors with glimmer.

This combination can be used to open up your eyes and with just a hint of shimmer it provides that healthy look you desire. It is a long lasting color and is water resistant. It might not be the choice for mature women because the shimmer can be overpowering. You'll need the same type of color in a formula without the glimmer.

Simple Sultry Eye Makeup

Don't you just love smokey eye makeup looks? Well, if you want to have all the fun with very little of the work then a cream eyeshadow just might do the trick for you. Do you prefer applying makeup with your fingers?

If tap, tap, tap works for you then step up to a darker range of colors, especially if you are just doing the upper lid. It works in just seconds to create sultry eye makeup looks and if you're into gothic eye makeup or vampire makeup looks then this is a must.


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