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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

Here's a tip: if somebody has the legal authority to detain or arrest you through use of force, say, a police officer, it's probably not a good idea to 'prank' them. This is a bit of advice New Jersey resident Kevin Hemmerich apparently never heard.

Hemmerich went to the Hopatcong police headquarters to turn himself in to police for an outstanding warrant. However, he showed up in a bunny onesie and carrying an air horn.

Hemmerich decided to use the opportunity to record a prank. He took along his brother Jason, to record the prank.

Kevin Hemmerich was seen on video wearing a rabbit costume and blowing the air horn while standing at the front desk of the police station.

He informed a worker that he came to turn himself in while intermittently blowing the air horn. Officers asked Kevin Hemmerich to stop, but he refused to listen.

Two officers then came out to the lobby and confronted the brothers.

One of them slapped Kevin Hemmerich in the face and hit the cellphone out of Jasons hand.

The brothers uploaded the video to the Internet, where it went viral and it sparked an investigation into the officer's actions against the pranksters.

Hemmerich had a warrant out for his arrest for not completing 12 days of community service after pleading guilty for failure to have car insurance in connection with a car accident.

Not that I condone police brutality, but I probably would have slapped the guy around a bit, too.


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*------------ A Vampire Love Story ------------*

According to court documents, a Missouri man was curious about sucking someone's blood, so his girlfriend, 19-year-old Victoria Vanatter, allegedly gave him permission to cut her arm with a razor and drink some of her blood in the kitchen of a Springfield home. The blood sucking, police say, was followed by arguing. Court documents say there was some yelling and slapping before Vanatter grabbed a knife and stabbed the man several times. Vanatter then "came to" and called 911. According to a statement, Springfield police were sent to the home after a crying woman called 911 and said someone was bleeding. When officers arrived, they found Vanatter and the man covered in blood. The statement says Vanatter told a Springfield police detective that she drew "I'm sorry" and a heart in blood on a wall in the living room after stabbing the man several times. So at least she was remorseful.


*-- Fish-Carcass-Filled Skate Rink Unpopular --*

Designers at a theme park in Japan thought visitors would revel at ice skating "across the sea" by freezing real fish under the ice but the attraction was widely regarded as having an "appalling lack of morality" and being "disrespectful of life." The Space World theme park in Kitakyushu closed its "Aquarium of Ice" skating rink after visitors and people online called the fish-carcass-filled attraction cruel and disgusting. Designers added about 5,000 fish they bought, already dead, from local fish markets, embedding them in the rink's ice: In one area, dozens of red fish are half-buried and open-mouthed in ice and, in another, a huge school of hundreds of black fish are swimming in a circle, with pictures of larger fish such as rays and whale sharks placed beneath the ice elsewhere. Park visitors were not thrilled being surrounded by dead, frozen fish, and commenters online had a field day ripping Space World designers for their lack of respect for life.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

Hey Lewis, I just though that I'd point out that this weeks news of drunks happens to be in Fla. What's up with that state? Please don't get me wrong--I'm sure that there's "Normal folks" living there too but not too many, I guess. Keep em coming Fla.! -Buzzy

Lewis, it's not as hard as you imagine to run yourself over with your own vehicle. If you open the door while your car is still moving it would be very easy to get caught under the rear tires. Especially if you've been drinking. -Alan
[Well, I think the bizarre part of the story is that the guy tried to jump (or fell out of) a moving vehicle to know what? It's not worth arguing about.]

Hey! Don't be so critical of Busch Lite. What other beer can you get for 16 bucks a 30-pack of cans?
[You got me there.]

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*

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