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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

It has been two weeks since the elections and emotions are still high and mental stability dangerously low.

One such unfortunate victim of the 'heated' political environment made an example of himself in front of an Ohio coffee shop.

Firefighters and police rushed to the shop after a distraught man set himself on fire while yelling about the recent U.S. election, according to police in Ohio.

The 69-year-old man, who was not identified, entered the coffee shop and began yelling about the recent U.S. election and the protest against Donald Trump.

The man then went outside and doused himself with a can of gasoline. The man then set himself on fire. A person who witnessed the incident used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

Meanwhile in Washington, D.C. police are investigating an accident that left a woman hospitalized after her wig caught fire.

Officers say emergency crews found the woman on the corner of Holbrook and Neal Street suffering from burns. Authorities say the fire spread to others parts of her body causing her to sustain serious injuries.

It is unclear what caused the wig to catch fire, however, police say a review of surveillance video confirmed that the incident was accidental in nature, and had nothing to do with the election, as far as we know.

Is this kind of spontaneous combustion the sort of thing we can expect under a Trump administration?


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*-------- Deer 'Driving' ATV on Highway --------*

A Michigan hunter pranked fellow highway drivers with a dead deer posed like it was drinking a beer and driving an ATV down the road. Jeremy Roomsburg posted a video showing the deer sitting in the driver's seat of an ATV loaded onto the back of a flatbed trailer being pulled by a pickup truck on a stretch of Interstate. Roomsburg, of Muskegon, said he was with his father and brother on a drive from Grand Rapids to Muskegon when she spotted the unusual sight. "We were all stunned and were like, 'did we really just see that?' We had to slow down and actually drive past the guy again to get the video." The "driving" deer turned out to have been set up by hunter Mike Huntoon, who had been returning with his friends from a hunting trip. Huntoon said the prank started as a simple lack of space for one of the five deer bagged by the group. "We thought, let's just have a little fun with it," the hunter said. "We have to get the deer home, let's see if we can create a little humor...and apparently it worked."


*-- Swedish Union Opens 'Mansplaining' Hotline --*

A Swedish trade union has set up a hotline for women to call and vent about "mansplaining" -- when condescending male coworkers over-explain something the woman already understands. The labor group Unionen said it created the hotline after hearing complaints from female members that they were constantly being patronized by men in the workplace who sometimes know less than female coworkers, but act like experts anyway. A spokeswoman for Unionen said the hotline, which will operate for a week, is intended to draw attention to workplace relationships and gender equality. The union said most women have called for advice on how to get male coworkers and bosses to respect their intellect. The group said a large number of men have also called, asking for help getting female coworkers to be more respected by the group. The term "mansplaining" came into popular use after a 2008 essay by the author Rebecca Solnit, who recounted the story of a man at a party explaining the importance of a book to her, while oblivious to the fact Solnit had actually written the book he was describing. You know? I feel like I need a hotline to call for when women complain about stupid thing. I call it 'Femplaining'.

*-------------- READER COMMENTS --------------*

The judge may have given his "permission" for the couple to change their names but he does not have the right to prevent them from changing their names. All that is legally required to change your name in the United States is that you do not do it for any criminal purpose and that you be consistent in it's use; that is, you may not go back and forth with your old and new names. Of course, many companies and government agencies are not aware of this so you may have a fight on your hands regarding your new name. The only thing a court does is register the new name which makes life easier. Happy Thanksgiving, Dave Silverman

Lewis, the U.S. may not have a monopoly on that kind of stupidity, but we do is a lot better than anyone else. Remember the story of the guy who called in a bomb threat to the airport because he was running late and wanted to delay the plane? Compared to that, calling in a bomb threat to a WalMart is a misdemeanor. I mean, who HASN'T wanted to bomb a WalMart?

*----------- END OF READER COMMENTS ----------*

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