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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

A man in China, who lost an ear in a car accident, is rejoicing after doctors managed to grow a new ear on his forearm.

The man who was identified as Mr. Ji of Xi'an, was seriously injured as a result of the car accident. He underwent several surgical procedures, but doctors could not save his right ear. Ji became sad as he felt incomplete without an ear on the right side of his head.

He was sent to Doctor Guo Shuzhong, who devised a way to grow a new ear on his arm and have it implanted on his head in about four months.

Shuzhong first implanted a skin expander under Ji's right arm. In the next step, Shuzhong will take cartilage from Ji's ribs to create the form of the artificial ear.

The final stage, which will be carried out in the coming months, will involve the fully grown ear being removed from the patient's arm and attached to his head.


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*---------- They Went Out With a Bang ----------*

young couple having sex in a car inside a garage reportedly made the deadly mistake of turning on the ignition to keep warm. The pair died from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to Russian media. Relatives found them naked and locked in each other's arms in the garage of the man's parents. Russian media reportedly identified the couple as 18-year-old Artem S. and 20-year-old Anna D. from Ufa, in southern central Russia. Police said they believed the pair wanted to turn the heat on as temperatures dipped below freezing. Family members said Artem and Anna claimed they were going out for a walk -- but wound up in his car. The two had been dating for just a few months. He'd just graduated from catering college and wanted to open an auto body shop, because they teach drastically different things in catering colleges in Russia.


*-- Men Take Taxi to Robbery, Don't Pay Driver --*

Two men in New Jersey were arrested after taking a taxi to rob a home and refusing to pay their driver. Kenneth Burke, 46, and Timothy Foote, 38, took a taxi to a neighborhood in Deal Township and asked the driver to wait outside as the entered a home. The two later emerged from the home with a television and several liquor bottles and rode the cab back to an apartment in Asbury Park. Upon their arrival Burke and Foote left the taxi without paying their fare, prompting the driver to call Asbury Park police. Asbury Park police contacted police in Deal, who determined the house had been burgled and returned the stolen items. Burke and Foote taken to Monmouth County Correctional Institution and charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, criminal trespassing and theft.

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Education about firearms is the answer. There are people who are a afraid of guns who should not be, and there are people who are not afraid of guns who should be. Many men lose ten IQ points as soon as they pick one up. 1. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. 2. keep your finger off the trigger. 3. Always keep your guns unloaded. Which of these rules did this doofus violate? ALL THREE.
[There's a simple solution right there; always keep firearms unloaded. That would really solve a lot of problems. Why hasn't anybody else thought of this solution?]

To the guy who wrote, "Guys, it's not the length of the wand, it's the magic in the stick. Really." I think maybe you are worried about the wee-ness of your penis. Guys with larger "wands" don't think it makes them less magical. -Tim Verity
['Wee-ness of your penis.' Thanks. That's the best laugh I've had all week.]

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