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If you are part of the 99 percent you know the recession isn't exactly over. So if the price of everything getting you down you need to subscribe to THRIFTY TIPS. Your editor will teach you how to squeeze your pennies until Lincoln screams! Learn how to start stretching your money and getting more for less, everyday.

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As the editor of Clean Laffs I am frequently at odds with Steve, the editor of The Daily Groaner, over dibs on the puns and eye-rollers that come through the office. We're constantly stealing from each other. Well, he more from me because I typically have the better material. But then, as far as groaners are concerned, the worse the better, so his publication is probably better than mine!

Get all that?

Anyway, if you're in the mood for a few great groaners, click on the link below and look for Daily Groaner. You'll regret me!

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Trivia Today (Mon-Wed-Fri)

Exactly how long is a jiffy? Are all snowflakes really unique? What is the most polluted city in the entire world? If you have questions...your TRIVIA TODAY editor has answers. Three days a week we will bring you a multitude of minutia you never knew you were curious about. Trivia, mystery quotes, brain teasers, we promise TRIVIA TODAY will keep you on your toes. Click the link below to subscribe for free!

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