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Time for Halloween tricks and treats...

Kids and adults everywhere enjoy making Halloween a "spooky"
time with everything from haunted house hopping, pumpkin
carving, creating the wildest costumes for trick-or-treating
and more. I've got a fun recipe for you keeping with the
Halloween flavor, a CREEPY BUG JUICE punch that is a must
for any Halloween gig.

Here's a unique punch idea to go with it... instead of regular
ice cubes, freeze 1 or 2 latex gloves full of water and once
completely frozen slide the glove off and add the hand-shaped
into the punch to keep it cold - makes a great conversation


1. Take a firm, big pumpkin that's free from bruises. Cut a
star-shaped lid from the top, tapering the lid so that it is
wider on the rind edge than on the inside (this helps to keep
the lid from falling in if it shrinks).

2. Scoop out the seeds and fibers from the pumpkin's inside
and lid. Dig a small space in the bottom for a glass cup
(which will hold the candle). Save the seeds to toast later
for snacks.

3. Carve the mouth, taking care to place it above where the
pumpkin curves so that the face won't collapse. Next, cut out
the nose and eyes. Of course, there's no rule that you have to
carve a face. One way to make an easy-to-follow guide for
cutting any shape you'd like is to press a cookie cutter into
the skin, leaving behind an imprint.

4. Place a short, fat candle in the candle cup, light it and
set it inside. Always be sure to extinguish the flame when
you're not watching it. Replace the lid and watch out for

Enjoy & Have a Great Weekend!

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2 10 ounce packages frozen strawberries, defrosted
1 6 ounce can lemonade concentrate, thawed
1 quart ginger ale
2 cups raisins
6 gummy worms

Mix the strawberries and lemonade concentrate in a blender
until smooth and thick. Gradually add ginger ale. Transfer
the beverage to a punch bowl. Stir in any remaining ginger
ale and the raisins. Place the gummy worms on the rim of
the bowl for a swampy effect.

YIELD: 10 Servings
Categories: Halloween

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* Make sure costumes are flame-retardant and light or
bright in color. Dark costumes should have strips of
glow in the dark tape along the back.

* Use face paints rather than a mask which can obstruct
both breathing and vision.

* Make sure your child has...
- a name tag complete with your address and phone number
- change to make a phone call for emergencies
- a flashlight

* Young children should be accompanied by an adult, and no
child should go out alone.

* Trick or treat only in familiar neighborhoods and set a
time for when your children should return home.

* Treats should not be eaten until the child is home so
that you can inspect everything first.

* Check all treats for signs of tampering and discard all
loose and homemade treats (unless you know the person
who provided them)

Be Safe This Halloween!

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