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Before we get to today's article, please, take a minute to learn about one of the greatest, if no the greatest, documentary about the Pacific Theater during the Second World War.

No doubt one of the best-selling DVD collections we've ever had is, Victory At Sea. And it's no wonder. Victory at Sea, a 26-episode series, represented one of the most ambitious documentary undertakings of early network television.

The series premiered on the last Sunday of October 1952, and subsequent episodes played each Sunday afternoon through May 1953. Each half-hour installment dealt with some aspect of World War II naval warfare and highlighted each of the sea war's major campaigns.

Originally sold for as high as $199.99, you can get all 26 Original Episodes that have been Digitally Restored for the unbelievable price of JUST $9.99. The set contains 3 discs.

More details and how to order are below.

Considered the most influential documentary in television history, Victory At Sea, in the words of Harper's Weekly, "created a new art form." The 26 half-hour episodes were culled from over 13,000 hours of footage shot by the U.S., British, German and Japanese navies during World War II.

All 26 original episodes have been Digitally Restored on 3 DVDs,with new introductions for each episode. Narrated by Broadway star Leonard Graves, and set to a famous score by Richard Rodgers, Victory at Sea provided a firsthand look at every major naval engagement of the war. And now you can see it better than when it was first broadcast.

This is one DVD collection that EVERY history buff will want to own. Learn more about Victory at Sea at or Click here to Order

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*--- Trump camp tells surrogates to point out instances of voter fraud ---*

WASHINGTON - Donald Trump's campaign instructed surrogates on television to sow doubts about the election's validity due to voter fraud in the days since Trump indicated at Wednesday's debate he may not accept the election's outcome if he loses.

In private campaign talking points obtained by The Hill, Trump's media team told surrogates to question the validity of vote counts in several battleground states, including Pennsylvania, Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia.

The internal memo suggests surrogates say things like "We have also seen very significant recent voting irregularities across the country from Pennsylvania to Colorado and an increase in unlawful voting by illegal immigrants."

The memo goes on to cite individual incidents of voter fraud in news reports.

In general, studies have found that specific voter fraud cases are extremely rare.

Trump addressed the controversy surrounding his debate comment on Thursday, saying he will accept the results "if I win."

His running mate, however, said the campaign would only contest the results if the election were extremely close. Gov. Mike Pence said Friday the campaign would "reserve the right" to do so if that were the case.

"As Donald Trump said ... of course we will accept a clear election result," he said. "But we also reserve the right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of questionable results."


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