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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Greetings Laff Lovers,

Unlike most people, I actually read the spam I get in my email. Why? Because some of the most brilliant advertising copy produced today is being written by spam emailers. Following is my new personal favorite.

Subject: Ass rimming the easy way

Formerly Britain's top secret agent from the 1960's, Austin Prowler had been cryogenetically frozen and is brought back to save the world from the Evil Dr. Pussy.

That is also now my new nick-name for my wife.



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"Some conspiracy theorists are claiming that Hillary Clinton is so sick that she's been using a body double. When Bill Clinton heard about it, he said, 'Man, I wish.'" -Conan O'Brien

A 55-year-old woman is standing in front of her bedroom mirror naked, twisting and turning and jiggling her tits like a burlesque dancer, all the while grinning like an idiot.

Her husband walks into the bedroom and sees her doing her little performance. "You look ridiculous," he says. "What on Earth are you doing?"

She says, "I just got back from my checkup with the doctor and he says I have the breasts of an eighteen-year-old."

Her husband responds, "Yeah, right. And what did he say about your 55 year-old ass?"

She says, "Your name never came up."

"The Austrian government announced that they will be tearing down the house where Adolf Hitler was born. But the government said they won't leave the lot vacant, which means 'the house where Hitler was born' might soon be 'the pilates studio where Hitler was born.'" -James Corden

If you are over 45-years-old, you SHOULD take this Alzheimer's Test.

How fast can you guess these words and fill-in the blanks?

1. _ _NDOM

2. F_ _K

3. P_N_S

4. PU_S_

5. S_X

6. BOO_S







5. SIX


You got all 6 wrong....didn't you?

You do NOT have Alzheimer's

You are a Pervert.

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