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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Greetings fellow Bizarros:

College is not what I remember. If you are a 19-year-old college kid and on the wrong end of a taser and a police dog, you've made some seriously bad desicions in your young life.

This rather brutal story took place in Florida where 19-year-old Austin Harrouff was a sophomore at Florida State

Last August police arrived at the home of Michelle Mischon, 53, and her husband, John Stevens, 59, who where victims of Harrouff's homicidal rampage. He had fatally stabbed the couple before attempting to bite off one of the victim's faces.

Police found Harrouff on top of Stevens, "biting off sections of his face" while making animal noises. Officers then attempted to use a stun gun and a police dog to get Harrouff to stop, but neither had any effect. Police reported they also tried kicking Harrouff in the face several times - but that, too, did not elicit a reaction.

Along with two counts of murder, Harrouff has also been charged with one count of attempted murder for stabbing a neighbor who attempted to intervene in the attack.

Incredibly enough, Harrouff tested negative for methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and other common drugs.

Maybe it was finals stress.

My question is; how did this psycho maniac get into college in the first place?


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A young mother of 14 daughters is determined to keep going until she gives her husband a son. Augustina Higuera of Texas, is just 29 years old, but she is already the proud mother of 14 children. Higuera not only beat many odds by having a large family of girls only, but she beat odds of 500,000 to one when she gave birth to a third set of twins. Although Higuera loves her daughters, she vowed to keep going until she has given her husband Jose, 30, a son. "I have no limit on how many children I am willing to have. I would even have another 10 if it meant having a boy," she said.


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The prime minister of Norway was caught on camera playing Pokemon Go in parliament -- and the current speaker had previously been caught doing the same thing. Prime Minister Erna Solberg was captured by a photographer playing the popular augmented reality game on her smartphone during a debate in the country's parliament. Solberg, leader of the Conservative Party, was seen playing during remarks from Liberal Party leader Trine Skei Grande. The prime minister told local news she didn't think Grande would mind, seeing as how she was caught on video playing Pokemon Go during a parliamentary Storting committee hearing. Grande confirmed as much with an aisle-crossing tweet in support of the prime minister's game-playing habits. "She heard what I said, we ladies can do two things at the same time you know," she tweeted with a winking emoji.

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Can he breathe through his eyes? I have been in some situations where that would be useful. --Duck
[Try Tantric meditation. I hear that works.]

Seems deer are fighting back more often. Several years ago, my son also experienced an attack by an angry buck who gored his big 1975 Mercury Monarch leaving 2 neat holes in the left front quarter panel. Seems his car had separated the buck from his herd of doe. Perhaps he thought the yellow Merc was a rival for their affections? -Florida Barbie
[He should have known that the car doesn't make the man.]

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