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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Hello Animal Lovers,

Last week I featured that cute video of a guy helping out a skunk with a can on its head. Its nice to know theres a helpful human around sometimes! Heres another video along the same lines.

When a family of raccoons finds themselves trapped in a dumpster, a friendly man decides to lend them a helping hand. Since the deep and smooth walls of the dumpster made it so he couldnt even reach in, the man slides in a 2x4 plank of wood so they are able to walk right on out themselves.

But amazingly, they get it: they almost immediately reposition their stairway, and walk right out. One even appears to give a nod in thanks!

Another reminder: if your page doesn’t load the video right away, just refresh the page or press F5. Also, hope everyone is safe and sound from the terrible hurricane and weather in Florida. Everyone is thinking of you!

Pleasant Watching,

Featured Video:
Raccoons Escape Dumpster
One even nods in appreciation to the human helper!

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Last Weeks Video:

Skunk Rescued from Coke Can
A poor skunk was running around with a Coca Cola can on his head and a good samaritan gave him a helping hand.

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