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Phunny Pictures - September 17, 2016

Howdy Folks,

Well, i have some bad news. My dentist, Dr. Mombo, past away a week ago. Now the big problem in my town is findin the next dentist to replace the much-loved tooth-yanker.

And the way my town picks the new dentist is by seein witch resident has the most teeth and if they looked well taken cared of...

Well, I guess i'm out of the runnin.

Take Care Y'all

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I don't understand it...I still have a caffeine headache!

I'm a service dog, not a coffee table!!!

Rex was never the best hide-and-seeker.

Mind over matter--or is it the other way round?

just because I chewed the leg off the coffee table

I am not a coaster

trying to lead a balanced life

I don't know about you but coffee goes right to my head.

Coffee is one me!

Coffee is always on my mind.

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