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The Internet is a miracle of technology and a goldmine of news and information, but let's be honest; there is a lot of garbage out there. That is why we are very careful about any new publications we add to But when we found Ry Dawson and read his newsletter The Anti-Neocon Report, we knew we found something unique and informative.

The ANC Report will debunk propaganda from the past and present, cover political and economic issues from the antiwar/anti-neocon prospective, and inform readers of activist projects.

If you want a critical, in-depth look at the real economic and political issues that affect you and the world, read The ANC Report for free every week.

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What's cooking on the Web? You'll find info on the Net's funniest web sites right here! Weekly doses of new and fun sites ranging from the mildly amusing to the hilarious. Includes humorous quotes, stories and jokes.

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Laff A Day (Thur & Sun)

Warning: ADULT MATERIAL! Twice a week Laff-a-Day delivers funny jokes and commentary that will keep you chuckling and probably blushing. Your editor TZ is like your obnoxious college drinking buddy who never knows when to shut his mouth and is always hitting on your girlfriend. But if you subscribe to Laff-a-Day TZ won't be passed out on your sofa come Sunday morning.

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