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Phunny Pictures - September 3, 2016

Howdy Folks,

The kids are finnally back at school. It's been a long, hot summer and I sertainly could use a break from their anticks.

This last week the house has been so quiet. It's been kind of creepy being in the house by myself. Every little noise freaks me out. A creak of a floor-board. The squeak of a door hinge. The dogs fartin while asleep. Scary stuff.

The scariest thing though was the when I heard a noise in my bedroom. I snuck in there to see what was making this strange noise. Was it a burgular? Was in an alien from outerspace? Was it a neighbor tryin to steal my cable? Well, it was my wife. When I opened the door she was standin right there and when i saw her I screamed like a little girl.

When i finnally calmed down I asked her what she was doin in the house and she told me, "What? I live here."

Well, she's right. And she called me a scaredy cat... which she was right about too. The house is just too quiet. When is winter break?

Take Care Y'all

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I am incognito!! I am going as Madonna!

You should see what is under these!!!!!

Which cone has the candy hidden under it?!!

So the aliens can't read my thoughts!

I like to party TWICE AS HARD!

I shouldn't have had that 10th shot of tequila

It's my party and I can growl if I want to!

You think this is funny? Wait until you see what I left in your shoe!! You're gonna howl!

Oh, you're gonna get the 'hair of the dog' for this! Maybe the teeth too!

Who called the 'Party Pup'?

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