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Phunny Pictures - August 27, 2016

Howdy Folks,

My neighbor invited me and the family over for a fun-filled pool party the other day, you know, to kind of close out the summer.

It was so much fun. We just swam, swimmed, splashed, splished, dove, dived, dipped, flipped, snorked and floated all day long.

By the time we all got out of the water we had the wrinkliest hands and feets you ever did see. We were geezer wrinkley; the dogs were too.

But sadly this looks like the last time the Jethros will ever be invited over for a pool party. Apparently, the day after the pool water was so dirty, smelly so bad, that we had left a horribly thick ring around the liner of the ol' swim circle. Bleach wouldn't even get rid of it.

I guess we should have bathed before we came on over for a dip. Well, now we know. And we should know by now...this is are third separate bannin!

Take Care Y'all

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Wait until she turns around sees me!!!!! SURPRISE!!!!

They will never know I was here!!! OOPS!! Is that a camera?!!!!

$5 Zoo Kissing Booth

And I also clean windows to put my kids through college.

My tongue can replace this guy!

WOW!!!!! Tongue on the first date!

Wanna neck?

Kiss me...I'm Irish!

Now you know why I married him.

It's Gene Simmons of the Jungle!

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