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Saturday, Aug 27, 2016

Hello Animal Lovers,

I found it guys: the definitive compilation of dogs in swings from 2015. I had to think back a little too hard on what my 2015 was like. It was a busy year with traveling and big projects at PulseTV, I didn’t have much time to dedicate to watching the news. So I did a quick search on big news stories that popped up. But never did anything like this dog compilation pop up - I wasnt even sure that there would be one good video, let alone a bunch!

I can honestly say Ive never been to a park and seen anyone filming their dog in a swing set, but it must happen more frequently than youd think! So here are all kinds of dogs of all sizes swinging away :)

Pleasant Watching,

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Dogs in Swings Compilation 2015
2015 was a big year - Instagram took off, Apple made the iWatch, and a lot of dogs went to the park. Specifically on the swings!

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