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It is almost time for the kids to go back to school. It is a very exciting time for both parents and kids, but are you as prepared as you could be?

You can help yourself and help your kids with Mrs. Alphabet. Your child or even your whole class will have fun with reading, writing, phonics and math with lesson plans and resources provided with the tender, loving care and experience of Mrs. Alphabet!

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The ANC Report (Weekly)

Our newest addition to the GopherCentral catalog. The ANC Report will debunk propaganda from the past and present, cover political and economic issues from the antiwar/anti-neocon prospective, and inform readers of activist projects.

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Phunny Pictures (Weekly)

Ol' Jethro may be a good ol' boy, but that don't mean he don't know how to use his computer. Every week he'll send you a bizarre, funny or strange picture, and then you get to send in the caption that'll appear next week. Jethro may not be that funny, but his subscribers sure are! Sign up for FREE and get the very next issue!

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