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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hello Music lovers,

If you arent familiar with Richard Cheese, buckle up! Hes an extreme lounge singer that got popular in the late 90s for his swing arrangements of alternative hits like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Down with The Sickness, or Welcome to The Jungle. They arent necessarily parodies like Weird Al - since he uses the original lyrics. But they have a certain playful quality due to the musical stylings.

Ive shared a few covers of Led Zeppelins Stairway to Heaven, and heres one more rendition. He even includes some of that friendly banter youd expect to hear in a lounge room.

Why Stairway? Well its probably one of my favorite ones out there, and since hes known for using everyone from Korn to Limpbizkit, I wanted one that didnt have a bunch of swear words in it :)

One more thing: if the video does not work, just hit your refresh button. Sometimes there are problems with a certain product on the page but a simple refresh triggers it to skip to the next one.

Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Richard Cheese - Stairway to Heaven Cover
Lounge Parody Singer, Richard Cheese sings Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. Helped out by Bobby Ricotta on Keys

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