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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hello Animal Lovers,

I still dont have a dog - I know its getting sadder and sadder. I just want one awesome dog, but with so much traveling I have coming up it doesnt make sense until next year. Im actually leaving today for Las Vegas to attend the ASD merchandise trade show and pick out new products to sell at PulseTV. I love going every year, but boy is it going to be a hot one this time!

But anyway, back to dogs. I found this awesome compilation of doggy fails. Whether it be a lack of coordination while trying to jump for a treat, or a harmless trip in the sand, these are cute and funny dogs who seem to fail doing what they should be doing best.

One more thing: if the video does not work, just hit your refresh button. Sometimes there are problems with a certain product on the page but a simple refresh triggers it to skip to the next one.

Pleasant Watching,

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If "dog" was a verb, these dogs couldn't do it.

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