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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hello Animal Lovers,

SO heres the deal. I saw the video and thought it was the coolest thing Ive seen in a long time. An ape actually building a skyscraper out of Lego blocks? Count me in! I put it up on and was super excited to share it with all you fine subscribers today. But only after it was up for a few minutes, one of my fans sent me a quick email telling me they thought something looked fishy about it.

I reexamined the video and oh boy were they right. I guess I was initially fooled just like many others out there - this Orangutan really does look like he is making a cool tower out of these mega blocks.

After researching some forums, there are a couple of telling signs: most notably how diligently the ape appears to lick or inspect each block as if its made of food. It turns out that his handlers put food underneath the blocks and let the orangutan deconstruct it. They then reversed the footage to appear as if he’s making it from scratch.

The most telling part was the hairs on his arm near the end of the video, they appear to suddenly defy gravity and fling upward.

But hey - at first glance, it was quite the amazing video! Do you think you would have been fooled too?

Pleasant Watching,

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