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Planning a Summer party? Hoa about just attending one?
I love themes like a Hawaiian luau and simple food that
goes along with the food it just amps up the fun-factor!
Here is an appetizer idea for just such an occasion and
these meatballs couldn't get any easier. Just take a big
bag of frozen cooked cocktail meatballs and heat them up
in a crockpot with some Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce (enough
to coat) and 2 small cans of chunk pineapple. If you use
another sauce don't do anything like smoked flavors but
keep it on the sweet side. Just warm them until heated
through and keep them warm for serving along with some of
those decorative Hawaiian picks guests can use to serve

I've found that even though you may have "typical food"
for parties you can easily theme it up by just renaming
it fun stuff. Doesn't MAUI MEATBALLS sound better than
just plain old meatballs? You could also substitute
cocktail wieners for the meatballs but pick a different
name cause Maui wieners sounds just too funny.

I got some other neat suggestions for kids too like taking
a new glass fishbowl and making a bunch of the blue Jello
in it, layering some gummy fish along the way for a super
easy mini fish tank. I don't know any kid that doesn't like
Jello. Here's another appetizer recipe today that takes a
twist on the SURFIN' SPINACH SPIRALS that make yummy
party nibblers. They look cool too when you serve them on
a big platter laying flat so you can see the swirls.

I don't think anyone would soon forget if you showed
up with a mini 'swimming pool' of jello like
food should be fun!

Enjoy! Marzee
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3 pkgs. cream cheese
1 pkg frozen chopped spinach
2 cans chopped green chilies
1/4 c. chopped green onions
1 (6 oz.) pkg. chopped ham
Salt, pepper & garlic to taste
1 pkg. tortillas (20 count)

Thaw and drain spinach. Soften cream cheese. Blend all
ingredients together. Spread on tortilla and roll up.
Chill until set. Slice tortilla into 1" round pinwheels.

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People eat with their eyes first, so making food
attractive can turn even the simplest foods into
something wonderfully appealing. I remember on our
trip the coolest thing was a kayak filled with ice
to hold all of the cold seafood items. Or, use piles
of fresh fruit to jazz up a buffet. You can eat the
fruit later. More....

Dips into hollowed peppers, small cabbages, round
bread loaves, molded into shapes and decorated with
cream cheese, olives, pickles etc.

Fruit into pineapple boats.cold items on picks stuck
into a large veggie or fruit (grapefruit, cabbage)
items on small skewers.

Open faced sandwiches trimmed with cream cheese piping
decorate plates or trays with flowers, kale, parsley,
radish roses, carrot curls etc.

You can purchase 'deli' style trays and lids from the
big Costco/Sams type of stores or maybe your local
party rental/supply place or deli. Line those deli
platters with green leaf lettuce to show off the food.

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