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Wet teabags have a cooling effect on skin, which can take the sting out of aching sunburns. If it was a long day at the beach and your whole body is lobster-red, you can steep the teabags in a bathtub for all-over relief. This trick works on other minor, first-degree burns, as well as nasty razor burn.

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Hint 1:

Carpets are effective at hiding hard use, but if yours are
looking and smelling their age, you might want to cover them in a layer of green tea. Tea leaves attract dirt and soak up foul odors; all you have to do is sprinkle unused green tea leaves on your carpets, let them sit for about 10 minutes, and vacuum them up to have fresher carpets.

Hint 2:

Tea is healthy for plants, too. Burying new or used tea
bags under soil and mulch in flowerbeds or pots encourages
substantial plant growth. After a watering, the tea holds
in water for the plants to drink and leeches its nutrients
into soil to give plants a boost.