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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hello Animal Lovers,

Otters are cool animals - they are one animal that definitely seem to enjoy having fun. They can make water slides for themselves, play with stones, and tease each other like dogs. They are smart too - fishermen in Bangladesh have bred a species of otters to help chase fish into their nets.

So after learning about some of these creative and cute critters, I found this adorable video of one having a quick snack.

You otter enjoy this one!

In other (otter) news, did you know its our companys 20th anniversary? Thats right, PulseTV and Gophercentral was founded in 1996, and to celebrate, theres a massive sale going on next week. Check our Facebook page for more details throughout the week

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Pleasant Watching,

Featured Video:
A Snack for An Otter
It just looks like cut up hot dogs - but at least this otter is enjoying his food!

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Cat does not want to go for a walk
I thought only dogs could play dead - this cat really wont go anywhere!

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