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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Hello Music lovers,

I saw this cool video on Reddit a long time ago, and revisited some of my favorite links of the past. The musician’s name is Charles Atchison, and his son posted the video to show how proud he was. He simply titled it: My Dad playing Blue Suede Shoes entirely on homemade instruments, playing every instrument himself.

I was intrigued by the homemade instruments part, but was also impressed with his skill. The editing was also awesome - how it looks like hes a literal one man band.

Blue Suede Shoes was originally penned by Carl Perkins in 1955, and youll recognize it as the quintessential rockabilly piece made famous by Elvis.

In other news, did you know its our companys 20th anniversary? Thats right, PulseTV and Gophercentral was founded in 1996, and to celebrate, theres a massive sale going on next week. Check our Facebook page for more details throughout the week

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Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Blue Suede Shoes on Homemade Instruments
Charles Atchison plays the rockabilly standard penned by Carl Perkins in 1955, all on his own homemade instruments.

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Last Weeks Video:
Sivert Henriksen - The Last of Us Theme
Hailing form Norway, Henriksen recorded all the parts for the theme song to the hit video game, The Last of Us, originally composed by Gustavo Santoalalla.

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