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Phunny Pictures - July 2, 2016

Howdy Folks,

Well, I lost a tooth yesterday. It just fell out of my mouth. I asked my lovely wife to help me figure out why this had happened.

She suggested that it was because of all the junk food I eat, but that wasn't the reason.

She then suggested that it was because I never went to the dentist, but that wasn't it neither.

Finally, she suggested that it was because of my "hijean".

I said, "What does my teeth have to do with how I wear my pants anyway."

Take Care Y'all

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Here's the Top caption submissions as incompetently judged by Jethro:

I think he wants maple syrup.

This is NOT a frisbee!!!!

Waffles! Not just for breakfast anymore!

"ok who took all the whip cream and strawberry's"

Lego my eggo

Okay, what I was actually begging for was some bacon....

This is the best tasting Frisbee EVER !!!

I caught my tongue in a waffle iron!!

No, I assure you. This is my waffle.

I really wanted French Toast, but okay!

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