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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hello Music lovers,

One of the most memorable performances on Americas Got Talent was done by a young man by the name of Cas Haley. Using just an acoustic guitar, he performed a stunning cover in the style of Reggae of a popular Police song - Walking On The Moon.

I have since watched a few live versions of Sting himself singing it, and agree with Piers Morgan that Haley did it better. He unfortunately came in second place to Terry Fator, but you can understand why - Fator had some serious talent of his own. He still performs in Las Vegas if Im not mistaken.

It was in the second season of Americas Got Talent, and the year was 2007, so the video footage from back then was a little bit sketchy. I found an unedited studio version of his rendition that sounds amazing! Enjoy it.

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Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Cas Haley - Walking on The Moon
America's Got Talent help Launch Cas Haley's career with his amazing reggae cover of The Police song.

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Hotel California - Gabriella Quevedo
This classical guitar rendition of The Eagles classic was arranged by Tomi Paldanius and performed with perfect rhythm by Gabriella Quevedo.

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