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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hello Music lovers,

While I use a bunch of different methods for finding such cool videos week to week, this week I hit the random button. I found a website that gives you a bunch of song suggestions, and number 4 was Hotel California by The Eagles.

I can honestly say I’m sick to death of the song on the radio - both the original and live recordings. There are just too many oldies stations willing to play it 15 times a day! So rather than go with The Eagles, I searched for a cover. Gabriella Quevedo is a classical guitar player and had the top video with over 11 million views!

I am disappointed that I have not heard of her sooner. She does amazing covers of all kinds of classic rock songs by Michael Jackson, The Beatles, even ABBA.

Also, shout-out to PulseTV for making #36 in Crain’s Fast 50 List, featuring the fastest growing companies in Chicago. Couldn’t be prouder of everyone I work with and my many thanks to all who support PulseTV and GopherCentral!

Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
Hotel California - Gabriella Quevedo
This classical guitar rendition of The Eagles classic was arranged by Tomi Paldanius and performed with perfect rhythm by Gabriella Quevedo.

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Last Weeks Video:
Sweet Child o Mine - JuJu
Juju is a one-man band who does very accurate covers of popular rock songs. Here is a Guns n Roses cover that sounds awesome!

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