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Here's a neat way to reuse plastic bags...when cleaning, hang two plastic grocery bags on doorknobs. Use one for stuff that should be thrown away and the other for things that don't belong in that room. After you're done cleaning, just throw one bag in the trash and carry the other as you put things back to their proper place.

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: More and more household are purchasing stainless steel's a quick way to clean stainless steel.

Squeeze a dab of hand sanitizer on a dry, soft cloth, then
gently polish the dirty spots. The gel's alcohol base lifts
dirt and oil so appliances look like new!

Hint 2: Ever have gum stuck to your carpet? If so then you know what a pain it is trying to get it out. Today I found a new trick to help with this gooey mess...

Dab the spot with a cloth dipped in warm vinegar and gently work it into the carpet. The acids in the vinegar dissolve the gum so it can be pulled off. Rinse the area with cold water and dry.

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