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Friday, June 3, 2016

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It's true. A lot of people are overweight. This is certainly one of the reasons for the proliferation of gyms, health clubs and fitness facilities in every city, town and suburb. But do you really need to burn the gas to drive back and forth to a health club four days a week just to run on a tread mill?

Scroll down for some blindingly simple ideas for exercising greener.

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* You probably know people who drive two miles to a health club and two miles back just so they can run on a tread mill for four miles. It just doesn't make sense. Try running around your neighborhood. You never know, you might even meet some neighbors.

* Does the stationary bicycle at the health club have a programmable routine that shows you exactly how many calories you are burning? Does it also show you how much money you spent in gas driving to the gym? Invest in an actual bicycle.

You can even get one with a basket and bike to the grocery store, killing two birds with one stone.

* Do you want to burn some real calories? Get yourself a push lawn mower. You won't burn gas driving to the gym, you won't burn gas in a smelly, power mower, and you want to talk about a full body work out?

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