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Today's issue is about stretching the dollar, and not wasting anything. For example: when your toothpaste tube is almost finished don't throw it out, use the last little bit to clean white sneakers with an old toothbrush. You'll be amazed at how many scuffs and dirt marks come off.

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1:
Anyone that has kids knows that most of them when
potty training will use excessive amounts of toilet paper.

Well, try this tip or pass it on to a friend. When toilet
training squash the toilet roll on its holder, this insures
it will only realease a few squares at a time. It's harder
for the roll to turn when the holder is bent.

Hint 2: All purpose cleaner. Use an all purpose cleaner for
the bulk of your cleaning.

If you were to use a "made for (blank)" product for everything you own it would take you a lot longer to clean and you’d have a huge amount of clutter under sinks and in storage closets. Of course you can’t use all purpose cleaner for dusting or cleaning mirrors so a few additional products like air fresheners, glass cleaner and dusting spray are understandable.

BONUS: I love this idea, and need to try implementing it into my nightly routine. I like to tell myself I'll do it in the morning. Read more to know what I'm talking about ....

Nightly reset. At the end of each day give yourself 5 minutes to sweep through the house and return items to where they should be. This is one of the best habits to get into. It can make cleaning the next day all the more bearable when your stuff isn't scattered all over the place.

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