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Phunny Pictures - May 21, 2016

Howdy Folks,

The other day I was on the road workin late so I gave the wife a call. I said, "Honey, I really miss you and I want you to do some of that dirty talk."

So she took a deep breathe and said, "You need to put your smelly work clothes in the hamper, the dog and the kids tracked mud all over the house, the dishes need to be done, the garbage needs to be taken out, there's green lunch-meat in the fridge... I'm not pickin up after you. Get yer lazy butt home."

I love it when she gets all stirred up. She knows what I like.

Take Care Y'all

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Up, Up and Away!! Wait!!! I am not going anywhere

Amazon's new drone delivery system at work!

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The vet says he needs to get on his feet more.

Look, it's a party on four legs!

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Let's get this party started!

Brace youselves! Party Pooch is here!

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