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Before picnic season enters full swing, it's time to clean the barbecue grill. To do so, line a plastic garbage bag with paper towels, and insert grills. Spray grills with a mixture of 2 parts ammonia and 1 part water. Close bag and allow to stand overnight; open carefully, then wash grease-free grills with hot water and detergent before use.

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1:

In summer, a ceiling fan adds a welcome, cooling breeze--but did you know your fan can help you stay warm in winter, too? Most modern fans include a reverse setting to draw cold air upward and redistribute warmer air downward around the edges of the room in cold weather. How to tell the difference? Look up! In summer, you'll want the fan's blades to run counter-clockwise for cooling; in winter, blades move clockwise to draw cold air upward.


Hint 2:

Use a few drops of lavender oil on exposed skin (definitely
wrists and ankles) before going out into the trenches, AKA
anyplace where mosquitoes rule the night! This will keep
those blood-sucking jerks at bay, plus sooth the itching
of any existing bites. Lavender oil is also known to stop
bleeding, making it perfect if you have a nasty bite that
broke the skin. Hands down, lavender oil is a key player
in your war against mosquitoes this summer. It certainly
smells way better than drugstore bug spray!

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