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Life can be stressful. Work, bills, and responsibilities all take their toll. It's important to remind yourself what's really important. And that's the inspiration and renewal of faith you get from the Bible. Let your BIBLE VERSES editor guide you through selected passages from The Book designed to feed your spirit and renew hope. And, of course, she's not above putting in Bible trivia, extra quotes and even jokes. Subscribe today and find out what you're missing.

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Trivia Today (3x a week)

Exactly how long is a jiffy? Are all snowflakes really unique? What is the most polluted city in the entire world? If you have questions...your TRIVIA TODAY editor has answers. Three days a week we will bring you a multitude of minutia you never knew you were curious about. Trivia, mystery quotes, brain teasers, we promise TRIVIA TODAY will keep you on your toes. Click the link below to subscribe for free!

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Sometimes surfing the Internet is like panning for gold. Every now and then you come across some great promotional offer or freebie where you can get something for nothing. Let Fannie and GYF alert you to the best free offers available anywhere on the Internet. It's the best Freebies newsletter on the Net! Just click the link below and look for GET YOUR FREEBIES.

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Gizmorama (Mon & Wed)

Find out the latest info on software and high tech gear, whether it's the iPhone or the latest GPS device. Gizmorama will also keep you up to date on the latest advances in science and technology from the world of medical research to space travel. Click the link and look for Gizmorama under 'Tips & Tidbits' in the middle of the page!

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