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Tired of throwing out expensive razors only after a few uses? Try this tip next time you shave: Pour a little bit of baby oil on the blades before you shave

You can also shave with baby oil, rather than shaving cream, for a smoother (and closer) shave!

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1:

Next time you come to the end of a mascara tube, hold onto the wand: it can work magic all around the home. The bristles on the brush are perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach areas behind faucets, around doorknobs, and even between computer keyboard letters. Just make sure you clean the wand fully by soaking it in eye makeup remover.


Hint 2:

Wrap pieces of fruit, tomatoes or avocados in sheets of
newspaper and leave on your counter to help them ripen faster.

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