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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hello Music lovers,

There arent a lot of pro beatboxers out there. There are plenty of videos online, but few seemed to have gotten true stardom for it. I stumbled on Petebox - though his name suggests hes primarily a beatbox specialist, his true talents lie in looping.

By playing a complex combination of patterns and looping them over and over he creates intricate soundscapes to emulate entire bands - complete with drums. Though you can skip ahead to the final result - the most interesting part to me is in the creation of the main loop. To add to the impressiveness, the whole thing is recorded in one take! Check out this awesome David Bowie cover of one of my favorites, The Man Who Sold The World.

Pleasant Watching,
Featured Video:
ThePeteBox - Man Who Sold The World
You might be tempted to skip ahead to the final product, but resist that! Seeing the process is half the fun!

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Last Weeks Video:
Gary Clark Jr. - Grinder
Distortion rains supreme on this live performance on Jimmy Kimmel.

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