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Eating at a time when your body thinks it should be sleeping encourages tossing and turning by throwing off the inner clock that regulates when you feel alert or sleepy. If your belly feels hungry grab a glass of water instead of hitting the snack cabinet.

Handy Hints Holly
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Hint 1: Sorry boys, but this hint is strictly for the ladies.

Alternating bras so that you give each one a day of rest between wears will help the band return to its original shape and prolong its elasticity!


Hint 2: I have not tried this hint yet, but it sounded too good not to share.

If you brown sugar is hard as a rock, try this trick to make it good as new. Place the sugar in a bowl, grab a cup of water, and place both the water and sugar side by side in the microwave. Microwave in 30 second intervals until softened. The steam generated by the water will help refresh the sugar.

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