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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hello Animal Lovers,

There is always an exception to every rule - kinda like not all stereotypes are true. One of the most known animal stereotypes is probably that cats hate water - after doing some research the opposite could not be true. Raising a cat around water makes them completely tolerant.

I would say todays video features a cat more than just tolerant - he downright loves it. Have you ever seen such relaxation? Dont forget to vote if you love this video! Use the up and down arrows below the video player.

Pleasant Watching,

Featured Video:
Cat Bath Relaxation
Give him a glass of wine, some candles, and I think he is set.

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Last Week’s Video:
Goats Licking Icicles
They say goats will eat just about anything, so this is a good video showing just that.

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