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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hello Fellow Freebie Fans,

Flocku set out to create a space that allows for college students to read, write, and create around what is important to them. The students in school right now are the only people who know what it's like to be in school right now.

Flocku was created by their friends in Philly when they realized there wasn't a place to talk about what happens in school outside of class. They wanted to find out what's more important to students, from students. Flockers are what make their site epic. They're your friends from every college and university in the country who want to read, watch, and share the best of the internet.

Sign up for a free hat at their website. For high school and college students. Collage name required. While supplies last. Limit of one hat per email address or mailing address.

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Backed by Proctor & Gamble, Bounty has long dominated the paper towel market with a share around 35 percent, but brand perception can change quickly as smaller competitors find new angles. Take a quick survey about your paper towel preferences and participate through the link below to receive the paper towel or shopping voucher of your choice.

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All My Best,