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Travel Video - November 1, 2015

Hello Travel Enthusiasts,

To be honest, I really didn't know much about the Northern European country of Estonia before watching today's video clip. Now, I want to learn more! Check it out...

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* Last Week's Clip *

Celebrating Day of the Dead in Cancun, Mexico

The Day of the Dead fiesta is a sacred time when Mexicans remember loved ones. It takes place at the same time of year as Halloween, but couldn't be more different.

Watch It Now: Celebrating Day of the Dead in Cancun, Mexico


* Today's clip *

A Glimpse of Estonia

A land of crumbling castles, towering pine forests and quaking lakelands, Estonia doesn't struggle to find a point of difference. Take a tour and see what Estonia has to offer.

Watch It Now:: A Glimpse of Estonia


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