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Are you sick and tired of dirty jokes? Just for once would you like to hear some good, clean humor you can tell to the family around the dinner table? Clean Laffs to the rescue. Your editor, Joe, brings you plenty of giggles and laffs you won't have to feel guilty about. Plus he's charming, intelligent, good-looking and above all, modest.

In every issue you get his personal insights on life, love, and the successes and failures of living the American dream. If nothing else it will make you feel better about your own life! Just look for Clean Laffs under "Most Popular" at the top of the page.

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Living Green (Fridays)

'Living Green' is aimed at those readers who want to take an active role in doing something positive for the environment.

Focusing on conservation, recycling, alternative energy, low carbon impact and a more organic lifestyle, 'Living Green' will provide everyday tips that readers can employ cheaply and easily in their own homes and lives.

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Random Fact (Mon. & Wed.)

WARNING: Brain-swelling may occur when you pump your mind full of the facts you'll learn when you subscribe to 'Random Fact'. Subscribing to Random Fact is equivalent to receiving a PhD from Harvard. Impress friends and intimidate people. Random Fact will only take you a minute to read and just think of all the fun and interesting tid-bits you'll learn.

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Conservative & Progressive Review (2X a week)

Syria, ISIS, illegal immigration, civil unrest, racial tensions, domestic surveillance; the world seems like it is at a tipping point. There is so much important news out there it is hard to keep track.

Hearing the experts and pundits discuss and explain the issues is the best way of making sure you know what's going on. That is where our politically inclined newsletters come in.

Whether you have a conservative bent or a liberal one, we have a publication that caters to you. Or, subscribe to both so you can compare opinions. The best conservative and liberal columnists today are featured with their most recent opinions.

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