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It may still be chilly outside, but summer is coming and you know what that means; barbecues, picnics, cold salads and dishes, Summer cooking! And that means you need to subscribe to The Daily Recipe.

You don't have to be a four-star chef to eat like a gourmet. Take it from The Daily Recipe editor, Marzee. Meals will never get boring with these quick, easy and delicious recipes! Just click the link and look for The Daily Recipe under 'Most Popular' at the top of the page...

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Ol' Jethro may be a good ol' boy, but that don't mean he don't know how to use his computer. Every week he'll send you a bizarre, funny or strange picture, and then you get to send in the caption that'll appear next week. Jethro may not be that funny, but his subscribers sure are! Sign up for FREE and get the very next issue!

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Warning: ADULT MATERIAL! Twice a week Laff-a-Day delivers funny jokes and commentary that will keep you chuckling and probably blushing. Your editor TZ is like your obnoxious college drinking buddy who never knows when to shut his mouth and is always hitting on your girlfriend. But if you subscribe to Laff-a-Day TZ won't be passed out on your sofa come Sunday morning.

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