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Travel Video - May 31, 2015

Hello Travel Enthusiasts,

This week we are going to visit the city that's made for you to have fun - Orlando, Florida! We all know about the usual tourist attractions that Orlando has to offer, but did you know about some of these offbeat attractions? Check them out in today's video clip.

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* Last Week's Clip *

Handmade in Florence, Italy

Explore the traditional arts and crafts of Florence, Italy. Visit the leather workshops, puppet-makers, and a family that has been making marbled paper in the city for more a century.

Watch It Now: Handmade in Florence, Italy


* Today's clip *

Orlando's Top Five Offbeat Attractions

Orlando is a city designed for pleasure and entertainment - and you can find plenty of offbeat attractions beyond the gates of Disneyworld.

Watch It Now: Orlando's Top Five Offbeat Attractions


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